Tin Shop Tartan - Randolph County Alabama's Own Snarky and Surly Scot Gets All Native

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dry - Not Dirty Nor Demonic!

In the March 1, 2006 edition of The Randolph Leader, Alan Hurst of Louina Street claims an effort to “make the county wet” is looming. Upset that an individual from Clay County (presumably Matt Hooton from The Birmingham News article apparently referenced by Mr. Hurst) is behind this “demon” that will “dirty” our county, Mr. Hurst wants our elected officials to state their position, presumably wanting them to think as he does. Mr. Hurst also urges all of Randolph County, especially all Christians, to stand up against this effort. This Scot stands against your position Sir! And here’s why …

As far as dirtying our county, Mr. Hurst needs to drive up 59 and see the fast food wrappers and other litter, including beer cans/bottles and even the occasional liquor bottle, alongside the road. Alternatively, he could drive through downtown Roanoke, and to a lesser extent any of our municipalities, and see how clean and attractive things look. Perhaps he could examine the junkyards and run down properties that dot our landscape? Or he could consider the neglected and mistreated animals that our county can’t seem to deal with. Just recently when I reluctantly darted into Big Box Mart I noted how many obese, cigarette smoking, nastily dressed, gap toothed folks were waddling around. I actually thought of our wet-dry votes and laughed. For the sake of our children … quit eating and try a little exercise! As far as a demon I could give you either John Giles of the Alabama Christian Coalition or Ralph Reed, the former head of the Christian Coalition. And of course our kids are so sheltered from alcohol ads when they watch TV or simply go out into the world.

In this week’s Leader, Roanoke reported I think four and the County two alcohol cases. I’ve seen the local revenue courts in action and I know the volume of alcohol related cases that crowd our dockets and then load up our jails. District Judge Whaley has done plenty of harm to our reputation and tourist potential with his draconian sentences for even a minor VPL. Community service in the order of days for a beer! What is he thinking? Perhaps the Learned Judge is overcompensating for his family history?

In 2003 Cedar Bluff’s Mayor Bob Smith gave his insights on his city’s pending vote to legalize alcohol sales and from the recent Birmingham News article cited above it would appear that Matt Hooton’s reasoning is in line with what Mayor Smith offered. I’ll be assembling some more information as I’m able yet I’ve already contacted Matt Hooton to offer any assistance I can. It was a close vote last time and I’m rather optimistic. Peace … or War!