Tin Shop Tartan - Randolph County Alabama's Own Snarky and Surly Scot Gets All Native

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bu$hCo and the GOP/Big Mules in East Alabama

I was of course thrilled to read Kim S. Benefield's candidate profile in The Randolph Leader today. No link is available so you'll just have to buy a paper. Kim is of course running for Alabama State District 13 against Gerald Dial. Kim is running on "Better jobs and better education with no more taxes on working families!" and will not head down to Goat Hill to do the bidding of special interests. Note how Gerald Dial has been endorsed by the Business Council of Alabama. Business thy name is Bu$hCo so Senator Dial likely would fit in up in DC.

Glenn Greenwald is a regular read for Captain Plaid. Today he points out how many Republicans are abandoning Bu$hCo yet Jeffy B. Sessions appears to still be a loyal water carrier for W. Right now I think only Utah, Wyoming, Alabama, Idaho, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Nebraska have favorable approval ratings for Bu$hCo. Peace ... or War!