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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Forty Applicants but "Roy" hires "Local Gal"

George Wallace created the Alabama Junior College system so close where you can still essentially throw a rock anywhere in Alabama and hit a JuCo. Great political network all across the state that could be rolled into action rather easily. And who knows politics better than Roy Johnson and Susan Whaley Salatto.

Brett Pritchard of The Randolph Leader reports "Salatto named president of Southern Union". The report includes,

Susan Salatto has been named president of Southern Union State Community College.

The Alabama Board of Education unanimously approved Salatto as president of SUSCC in a meeting on Thursday, April 27, after an intensive search process that drew 40 applicants from across the country. Roy Johnson, chancellor of Alabama's two-year college system, recommended Salatto for the position."

Susan Salatto has the experience, she has the skills and she has the vision to grow Southern Union," Johnson said. He said Central Alabama Community College had prospered under Salatto's leadership and he expected the same at Southern Union.

"Susan has had a long history with the two-year college system," said Rep. Betty Carol Graham, D-Alexander City, vice-president for CACC. "She's been in the college system for 30 years and has worked in every area. It's been a natural progression to the presidency for her."

Chancellor Johnson has been in the news recently with two of his children being given rather sweet jobs with the State Fire College. Another B'ham News report by Brett Blackledge indicates,
"Langston gave Johnson's two adult children jobs at the fire college. He hired Johnson's daughter on a $21,424-a-year contract to work from her Opelika home, more than 175 miles from the Tuscaloosa campus. The job, which she still holds, also provides her benefits from the teachers retirement system and the state's health insurance program, records show."

Plus Johnson had a close friend given a consulting contract to boot. Interesting "mistake" with that $300,000.00 made by Johnson's "staff". Roy Johnson certainly knows Alabama politics with his rapid rise to the top of the two year food chain.

That Mr. Johnson, holding I think a Master's Degree, selects Ms. Salatto, likewise papered, over forty candidates with likely much higher levels of education might be a question I'd like answered. That Dr. Joanne Jordan will hold another position seems likewise interesting. While I know degrees don't always indicate capacity and leadership I do think they are highly relevant and would require substantial reasons before being dismissed as indicative of potential performance.

I've spent time around both Mr. Johnson and Ms. Salatto so I am hardly thrilled with either being in such high leadership positions. I imagine the pay 'aint bad and the benefits will be even better. George would be proud that his political machine lives on yet I'm more interested in our two year colleges being education machines. Peace ... or War!