Tin Shop Tartan - Randolph County Alabama's Own Snarky and Surly Scot Gets All Native

Blogging from the suburbs of the Tin Shop community, Captain Plaid brings Progressivism, and a share of Quixotic angst, to the ridges and hollows of Randolph County, Alabama. Hardly a booster yet rooted here enough to fight, Plaidsters can perhaps find like cause in trying to build local solutions to global concerns. Education, environment, economy, entertainment, engagement ... Trust the Tartan!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Alabama's Drug Sale Enhancements Don't Work

I posted at Captain Jimi on reports of how Alabama's enhancements for drug sales within three miles of a school and/or housing authority don't work and are not fair. Given how many locals have been punished under these enhancements, one has to return to how many drug cases occur locally. That these enhancements often are especially hard on persons of color seems relevant. The links above also question the "wisdom" of the "War on Drugs". Peace ... or War!