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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Alan and Spec, You Are Truly Reaping What You Both Have Helped Sow!

Mayor Bonner (and Ms. Handley perhaps to a lesser extent although I know not her politics) have seemingly reaped what Spec's beloved GOP have sown. Mr. Bonner and Ms. Handley, with the Mayor appropriately acting as a private citizen/businessman, replied to Alan Hurst for his past rantings about gas gouging and Citgo and ... I've scolded Mr. Hurst a bit in the past myself for his arguments on demon alcohol.

Although Miss Lissa likely wrote the letter since she was a top drawer English teacher, they jointly respond to Mr. Hurst with,
He wants everyone to boycott Citgo because of that nasty little despot who is running the government of Venezuela. If we do that, though, we must buy from those nasty Mid-Eastern oil barons who are killing our young men in Iraq or the ones in Iran who are busy making their nuclear bomb.

First of all, NO "nasty Mid-eastern oil barons" are killing our young men (and women and reporters and peace activists and ... I'd add!) in Iraq. Then there are the many wounded soldiers! And stressed families! And the costs in equipment! And to the treasury! Like George Bu$h apparently, Spec and Lissa seem to not know their geo-politics or world history or ...

The Iraqi Kurds had been rather autonomous since Daddy Bu$h spanked Saddam in 1991. The minority Sunnis, especially the Baathists (with which Rumsfeld is now renewing old ties) linked up with Hussein, were hardly close to the "oil barons" to the Southwest. Remember Kuwait? The UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman ... were all our our side! Or at least the Bu$h family's side! Most of the 9-11 terrorist were from Saudi Arabia yet the "barons" are certainly doing business with the U.S., including the President's own younger brother Neil ... and with Daddy still heavily invested. Plus, the U.S. gets less than 15% of our oil from the Middle East!

Of course I'll cut Spec and Lissa some slack where I can't for their President who got so much wrong ... and apparently still does. The Bu$hCo cabal had lots of people at their disposal that did try to tell them they were getting into a mess yet they gamed the intelligence and misled us into Iraq and away from where bin Laden and his organization had at least somewhat been centered. Now al Qaeda is in Iraq yet they were not before Bu$hCo ignored many experts in entering AND certainly occupying this nation. The just released reports on Cobra II shed new light into this disaster of an administration. And then we had some bad luck with understandably misinterpreted intelligence.

Also, Iran is a Persian society for the most part! They are rather hostile to the "Mid-Eastern oil barons" in that Iran is controlled by a theocracy of mullahs. Iranians mostly speak Farsi rather than standard Arabic! The Saudis are telling the Iranians to back off on the nuke issue. Plus the Iranian President claims, perhaps lying as often as George Bu$h does, that they are intending the nuclear program only for producing power. There is a strong reform movement in Iran yet that perhaps not that brilliant Condi Rice wants to drop seventy five million into Iran which will only move reformers into questionable positions with their citizenry.

Additionally, that "nasty little despot" in Venezuela was elected and has the support of most of his people. And with his recent "discount" possibly a fair number of poor people in Philadelphia! I think Bu$h is down to the mid thirties right now!

Returning to Mr. Hurst, he and other misinformed people are required for the simple ideas that make up the ReThuglican Party of today. "Think tanks" that churn out quasi-research are well funded and the GOP Mighty Wurlitzer is truly amazing. They've got tons of money! They manipulate power and influence as no group has ever attempted. Conservatives have had power for essentially the last twenty five years, largely in how they've taken folks like Alan Hurst and put him to work, yet we've seen what the lower and middle class in America have gotten from Reagan's trickle down supply side theories.

As to the gas prices, it is certainly partly related to supplies reduced by the war and the tensions Bu$hCo had caused in the world. Then there is China and India and ... At least Halliburton is doing fine! Spec, Lissa, and Alan should all sit down together and discuss their "ideas" on politics and policy. I bet sooner or later they'd realize they have both had a bit of reaping what they've each been sowing! Peace ... or War!