Tin Shop Tartan - Randolph County Alabama's Own Snarky and Surly Scot Gets All Native

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Mobile Press-Register Covers Our Kim S.

I know this Snarkasaurus is far too cute and classic for Gerald Dial yet I'm thinking he really needs a mascot. Might compensate for that dreadful combover! Voters in the 13th need to give old Gerald the Sabertooth treatment like the cat gave Fred every night.

Sallie Owen of The Mobile Press-Register gives us "Barron targeting party dissidents?" that gives us a look into Kim Benefield's race against Dino Dial for the 13th. Good read on how politics at this level works. It is soft of like seeing sausage made in that some folks might just not want to know the process. I'm certainly not a huge fan of Lowell Barron yet if he's helping get rid of this bunch then he's doing good. Big Mules are likely involved on both sides yet we know our gal and the fact that she will work for the Branchheads.

Kim S. Benefield is simply one of the finest and most competent people I've known and worked with over my years. I expect nearly everybody in this county to vote for her. We need to contact people we know in the 13th and ask them to help her out as well. There are lots of votes down in that edge of Lee County and I want them all. I'll plan on devoting time for her over these next few days and please join me is so inclined. If you want more details on why Kim Possible is the right call then please ask me or probably anybody that knows her. I can perhaps tell you more policy and voting records or connections of the Dino than some yet I still think plenty of locals know that he's done little for our county/district.

As for Dino Dial, I met one of his "friends" the other day as I entered First Bank in Roanoke. Cute little brunette that I ought to have handled with a little less grumpy Scot. She tried to hand me literature but when I found out it was from Dino Dial I refused. Ought to have taken it and asked for a bunch for my friends/volunteer fire department/church and then asked her if she wanted to go rest in the cool inside Hardees to discuss how I could help. (I'll never get a date this way! Too young for me besides. Plus I was covered with dirt and hay from The Ponderosa.)

I engaged her on the issues and she really wasn't aware of them enough to even respond beyond "He's done a lot for our schools!" and that sort of thing. I asked where she lived in the 13th but she fessed up that she lived in Auburn. How she knew Dino was "as a friend" yet got no further than that. Likely a mercenary and I'm fine with that, especially if they are easy on the eyes. And Dino likes that I hear. I've always understood that trait was why Dino was asked to help educate our young people outside of "direct contact in the classroom". Or maybe it was in the coatroom that was a staple of schoolrooms "back in the day". Wonder if that concern might have been handled a little differently today? Also, can you imagine what Dino looked like sans combover? I'd have also enjoyed seeing Faye's reaction, if in fact she ever heard the allegations.

Again, Dino has been feeding up on Goat Hill for years. Time to send Dino back to Clay County and put a real Alabama Democrat down there to represent rural Alabama. Peace ... or War!