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Monday, May 22, 2006

Scots Up on Local Bu$hCo True Believer

I started this fracas with my "Letter to the Editor" in The Randolph Leader that I'm linking to here. I got a response here that I'm copying in that I expect The Leader will drop off their site.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006 10:02 AM CDT

Dear Senators Shelby and Sessions,

I have never contacted your offices asking you to support, or at least consider, bowing down to the partisan politics of those who would sell their soul for a few votes. I am not now. What I would ask is that you consider sponsoring a bill that would praise our president for his actions in carrying out his presidential duty of protecting our nation and its citizens. He has done so in a prayerful and dignified manner. Not wavering despite the harsh criticism of these who've flip-flopped so many times that they are more confused than a bumble bee in a yo-yo.Those who mistakenly believe the steps our president has taken to protect us are a radical departure from our laws and traditions, do not know their history.

Another of our great presidents, Abraham Lincoln, radically departed from our laws and traditions in doing what he thought necessary to preserve the Union. He spied upon and illegally detained thousands of Northerners against the war and fought an illegal war against constitutionally guaranteed states rights. That war would have been avoided, millions of dollars saved, tens of thousands of lives spared, the South left somewhat prosperous instead of ravaged for decades, and the slaves could still have been freed.I'm not berating President Lincoln and I'm certainly not trying to fight the Civil War again. It has been said that "the one thing that history has taught us is that history has never taught us anything." President Lincoln, like our President Bush, had to put up with bickering politicians and a public that supported or did not support the war in accordance with the days' news. I'm thankful that I'm not the man having to make difficult decisions in these trying times.

President Lincoln took the drastic steps that he thought necessary during an era of much slower communication and transportation systems. President Bush has taken necessary steps during this high-tech age of fast moving communication and transportation systems, where our lives can be affected quickly from far away and our world changed in an instant.

Senators, I am now and have been from the beginning on board with the war against terrorism and I will remain so until it is won. As a part of this bill honoring our president, I would ask that you also sponsor bills declaring "George W. Bush" a national holiday and also begin construction of his monument on Mount Rushmore.

Thank you, senators, for realizing that we face an enemy that seeks to destroy our nation and our way of life. I pray that you would continue to stand strong in your support of our commander-in-chief. God bless you and God bless the United States of America.

Steve Williams, P.O. Box 654, Roanoke Alabama 36274

Here's an initial response, albeit far shorter than I've had preferred. Some links and I'll drop more and expand as able.
In reply to Steve Williams urging our Senators to “Sponsor a bill praising the president”, I’ll first suggest his "The one thing that history has taught us is that history has never taught us anything." might have “been said” yet seemingly not placed on “the internets”, as Dubyah might mangle pronouncing. Steve’s neo-confederate views are revealing, although wanting Bu$h on Mount Rushmore offers more. Declaring the man himself (not perhaps when Florida was told to stop counting votes or his “Mission Accomplished” moment some three years ago) as a holiday likewise shows his devotion.

Article 1 § 9 of our Constitution reads “… Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.” Indeed Lincoln did temporarily suspend habeas corpus yet I understand that in every case he fully informed Congress. Apparently Congress authorized the actions of the Executive although the Judicial Branch, led by Maryland’s Chief Justice Taney, hardly blessed.

My Wisconsin Progressive has never “flip flopped”. Don’t recycle GOP/Faux News “talking points”! Russ Feingold, along with 22 other Senators and 133 House members voted against the AUMF in the fall of 2002. Senate Joint Resolution #9 in the 108th Session lays out his concerns. Only “true believers” can dismiss his foresight. Feingold, and now clearly many that were ignored or silenced, feared the folly that likely awaited this misadventure. Censure for the Iraq mess, however justifiable, is not sought.

President Bu$h authorized at least one illegal wiretapping program and repeatedly mislead the country about its existence and legality. We now know of a massive NSA database of our private phone records, likely obtained for “data mining”. This administration has resisted oversight despite the “Rubber Stamp Congress” covering or ignoring abuses. FISA was passed in 1978 and has been amended six times, even under Bu$h. Dubyah never complained about FISA when touting the radical “Patriot Act”. The laws are clear and Bu$hCo is caught. None of their justifications withstand scrutiny. Feingold seeks his censure. Simply examining his Resolution is a mere start toward rolling back this radical expansion of Executive power.

Steve wrote of “days’ news”. Is this the 1700+ days since 9-11 with Osama still loose? Afghanistan is now a narco-state and it is clear we pulled resources too soon. Iraq is a disaster. The good will of the world toward our nation accumulated after 9-11 has been squandered daily by your “prayerful and dignified” President. “Fuzzy math” deficits now made all the worse with Iraq costs. Many days’ taxes loom. The worst numbers are the 2454 KIA and 17,869 wounded among just US forces. Thousands of innocent Iraqis have been killed and wounded. Run the math to get your own “days’ news”!

Perhaps Bu$h should have done less praying and a lot more pondering and then planning? As for threats to “our way of life” from “an enemy”, I worry more about pseudo-fascist belief in a man’s “goodness” and “faith” rather than devotion to our laws and traditions.
Peace ... or War!