Tin Shop Tartan - Randolph County Alabama's Own Snarky and Surly Scot Gets All Native

Blogging from the suburbs of the Tin Shop community, Captain Plaid brings Progressivism, and a share of Quixotic angst, to the ridges and hollows of Randolph County, Alabama. Hardly a booster yet rooted here enough to fight, Plaidsters can perhaps find like cause in trying to build local solutions to global concerns. Education, environment, economy, entertainment, engagement ... Trust the Tartan!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I like Big Books, I Cannot Lie ...

Shannon, Zion, and Dan Smith are in the image to the left. Dan "Southpaw" Smith's White Boy DJ is likely not the type of "ministry" that we'd see in my neck of the woods yet his "Baby got Book" is incredibly clever. His Momentum Church in Cleveland likely gives interesting service. Will the Church vans really have spinners? Peace ... or War?