Tin Shop Tartan - Randolph County Alabama's Own Snarky and Surly Scot Gets All Native

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

No darkening the door of a SBC church today!

This Sunday I'll not attend any local church, although I'll think and work and read and ... Sundays are good days usually and I do use them perhaps more than most days for my own form of spirituality. I'm likely lost per my enlightened sisters and probably a good portion of their broods I'm sure yet I stand by what I think and do. "Showing off" to dare think and certainly write/blog for myself is their reality. That I'll never accept the "Bible" as the literal and inerrant word of "God" is also a subject of discord. I'm still waiting on a rational discussion of what I base my undertandings upon yet I'm not however holding my breath.

I've also yet to get an explanation, much less an apology, of how this was understood by four or more college educated family members to be a "Letter to the Editor"! Literalism is seemingly a one way street? Plus, how I disturbed (I'm talking full court press with phone calls and a letter and an apparent early morning conclave!) the family member(s) mentioned by explaining that I was writing this on my own still remains a mystery. The further I dig the more misunderstandings of my kin are revealed it seems yet still no reply to my "Read it completely, get your facts straight, and then call me to either discuss further or more likely apologize." request. The language carefully chosen, or so I thought, was "XXXX and XXX, plus all my family, tolerates at best my politics and “thinking” so don’t blame them." Given that they were church members, rather involved ones in fact, it seemed appropriate then and now. Even if a better way existed, I'd still offer that a good faith effort cannot be denied.

Returning to the Southern Baptist Convention, here's an article from Jim Morrill of The Charlotte Observer covering Richard Land and the SBC loving Bu$hCo entitled "Conservative base shows no Greensboro cracks - Rice finds warm crowd, nary a sign of fading support for GOP, Bush". The White House has the full text and even a video of Bu$hCo pandering to the base. "Activist judges" and "culture of life" and "abstinence" and "faith based" groups/initiatives and ... were all covered. He didn't mention that he allegedly has proclaimed The Constitution was "just a goddamned piece of paper" yet if he'd cleaned up his potty mouth I bet lots of the Bible Thumpers would responded favorably. The paper this bunch likes to study on is "The Bible" and of course that supplied by the Dobsonites or former John Bircher Tim LaHaye or The Moonie Times or...

I admittedly missed "Marriage Protection Sunday" and the commentary of Barrett Duke (although the prior link mistakenly calls him Duke Barrett). Again, hell will freeze over before I'll give a dime or my time to the SBC if they continue their political activity for the ReThuglican Party. It's a scam folks where Karl Rove is just punking you, and therefore "us".

Among the more revealing actions in Greensboro were the Southern Baptist resolving, non-binding I think as to all, to not have hardly anybody using alcohol( I guess Jesus could not have been a Baptist with the wine thing), expecting Our Leader to nominate "strict constructionist" judges, wanting Southern Baptist to take their "godly influence" to local school systems (like the folks in Dover PA?), and finally to resist "extreme environmentalist groups whose positions contradict biblical principles" and especially property rights. Again, I thought stewardship was biblical yet maybe not according the GOP Translation? I've already posted on the school issue at Captain Bama.

The fundamentalist foolishness of recent years simply has gotten to the point to where I'm not going to be a part of this denomination any longer. "To each his own." and "Whatever gets you through the night." has always worked for me. Yet I'd like the same courtesy. At least I think I'm due some willingness to engage me rationally and politely on where I'm mistaken, with the bottom line that it is 100% my decision on what I choose to think, believe, and do. Peace ... or War!