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Friday, June 23, 2006

Is Bu$hCo's UN Ambassador Bolten a NRA Man?

The above image if of a child soldier in the Rwandan conflicts. If I've got my timing right he's surely grown now, assuming he is still alive. So why is the child on Tin Shop Tartan? If you read the post title, if the darn things shows up at all since Blogger seems to be bloggered again, then you've got a clue.

Here's the WaPo/Reuters Irwin Arieff's "US sees no need for new UN measures on small arms" for the basics yet CBS gives us even more insight into the bizarre actions of the NRA. The"Stop the UN Gun Ban" lies and scare the hell out of the gun crowd (you know the base responds to fear) is worth a visit ... yet I do hate linking to the NRA. Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President, National Rifle Association of America, is a wanker yet to hear him shrill the shill makes me want to wash any vestiges of the NRA from my past. To have Wayne the Weasel spreading this trash is offensive! I long ago turned my back on this organization yet still value the 2nd Amendment. This is all too typical a tactic of the NRA to stir up their, dare I say, "less sophisticated", membership over nothing.

I know good well we've got lots of stupid people in this country. Still, I do see plenty of NRA symbols around our area. Wonder why? Peace ... or War!