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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Letter to Editor in The Leader - Woops and Why!

Perhaps you came here looking for the link in The Leader. Surely I need an editor! If you tried to get to the link placed in the paper it might have returned a "page not found". I've yet to check but when I dropped the link in I expect it put the period behind the html. "My bad!" and "Sorry!" is all I can say. Blogger creates these file extensions from hell when you title the posts creatively. Here is the Hurst/Bonner/Handley post that you might be seeking.

And for the record I did not want to offend or be ugly beyond trying to bring some clarity to the issue. I think the world of Mr. Spec and Miss Lissa and have no problem with Mr. Hurst. I enjoy the debate and banter, feeling that we need more and not less of that sort of thing. Snark is part of blogging.

It should be clear that I simply loathe George W. Bu$h. This is so since I first studied him well before 2000. I can recall e-mailing a neice (in perhaps 1999) and pondering a GOP ticket of W and Liddy Dole. Yet as I scratched further into W I figured he was at best "all hat and no cattle". If I'd have know the future would involve the attacks of Islamist radicals on our soil I'd have been even more distressed. That Dead Eye Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld would be part of his administration would have put me over the edge. And with the exception of how George W. Bush handled things just right after 9-11 I'd argue I've been proven correct.

I also think Conservatism ... as applied by Reagan through Bu$h the Elder (and even Slick Willy who turned Republican Lite thanks to that darned Newt) and certainly this Bu$hCo cabal is poor policy. I can, however, have a reasoned debate with some of my conservative friends and colleagues from that end of things. I know that some of what the old school conservatives argue makes some sense. I am surely a lefty. More of a Progressive than a Liberal yet I personally think "Liberal" is hardly a dirty word. I'd actually think I'm a Moderate or Pragmatist or Populist or ... Can one be a "Propservralist"?

So why blog? Venting is part of it. Perhaps since I've been single and not in a serious relationship for some time now I have a little extra need to get things off my chest. Actually I am just seriously frustrated and frightened with the direction of our world. I enjoy writing, or what passes for it via my keyboard, and the process forces me to refine my thinking. I've learned a good bit I hope in these last few years. I surely wish I could have applied some of what I think I know now to my life some years ago. Blogging locally allows me to take some Lefty Progressive ideas and bring them to an audience deep here in the Red States where at times the Right drowns out that type of discourse. I do deeply care about this community and my world.

I am actually blogging at five locations now. Lots of links to various sources on most of the blogs. There's Captain Plaid where I tackle national/global issues. I post at Captain Bama on state/regional concerns. I use Tin Shop Tartan for local issues. There's Captain Jimi where I tackle the "cultural war" with my hardly fundamentalist ideas (via reasoning, science, compassion, etc.) on spirituality, sexuality, sexism, ... Finally I use Marque Stuart for my efforts at playing gardener, cook, host, etc.

I hope you'll challenge me when I'm deserving. Scold me when I need it. Prompt me when I missed something. CoRec tmy typos (I did that on purpose!) and critique my writing. Send me to articles, sources, gossip, sites, ideas, etc. Comments are welcomed and enjoyed, at least if they are offered in good faith and with a measure of class. I know I'll offer up some stuff that might be 100% wrong but I'd like to get it right. So tell me where I missed the mark. I'd love this blog to be a location where we can engage in change and activism. If you want to start your own blog then Blogger is easy enough and I'd be happy to share what I know. If you want to get me up some money and/or buy stuff via my links then that will keep me in Cutty yet it is hardly a profit-making effort. Why start being a good businessperson now?

Thanks for dropping by. Peace ... or War!