Tin Shop Tartan - Randolph County Alabama's Own Snarky and Surly Scot Gets All Native

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hyundai Chairman Meets with Governor Riley

Walter Woods of the AJC reports "Hyundai boss returns to job : Visiting Ala. delegation relays good news about Georgia Kia plant" but that great big "whew" you are hearing comes from Georgia's Governor Sonny Purdue.

In a related matter, Sonny, plus many other state and local officials, are hoping few consider Matt Singer's "Overpaying for Jobs" piece that recently appeared at Tom Paine. That Wal-Mart is given tax breaks to destroy local businesses while paying wages often at the poverty level is the most outrageous portion of the work yet the idea that businesses get these massive tax breaks with little if any accountability is also frustrating. This educator had about all the "accountability" he could stand. I'd submit measuring the outcome of tax policies is a hell of a lot easier than measuring how students, especially often ornery and lazy and poorly prepared and ... teenagers that I worked with, are being educated. You "business progressive" types and worshippers of the market might need to see how your ideas measure up before you start beating on the educators.

The article revealed the Alabama delegation has met with nearly thirty suppliers. I'm not sure if our Steve Dean is in this group or not but I'm optimistic our area can and will benefit from the Kia plant, assuming things go forward, being so close. Peace ... or War!