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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Question - What Would Local Polling Reveal?

Harris Interactive has just released a new poll that is revealing and yet I first wondering how this locale might measure up in looking at the same questions. Portions to note include:
Sixty-four percent say it is true that Saddam Hussein had strong links to Al Qaeda (the same as 64% in February 2005).

Despite being widely reported in the media that the U.S. and other countries have not found any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, surprisingly; more U.S. adults (50%) think that Iraq had such weapons when the U.S. invaded Iraq. This is an increase from 36 percent in February 2005.
If folks are so often wrong, and I'll submit that many are, about many of the facts on/in Iraq, then there's no wonder "leaders" like Bu$hCo (or Jeff Sessions or ...) represent us. This piece from Cato, originally appearing in The Moonie Times, reveals some recent news of old artillery shells (that was spun minimally even from Bu$hCo!) that might explain a slight shift in numbers on the weapons yet can surely not have caused a fourteen point shift.

The mere opinions are revealing as well yet I figure most of those optimistic opinions are coming from the pople who are ignorant of the truth.

I am often amazed at how seemingly uninformed the people that I come into with appear to be when conversations turn toward the news or politics or pretty much anything of substance. Perhaps more dangerous are those that are actually misinformed. Even taking away the many fundamentalists and the rednecks in this neck of the woods, I fear we've still got a good dose of both ignorance and stupidity around here. I'm wondering about the factors that cause such limitations and how this could possibly be reversed.

I'm also going to reveal that I'm pondering a move from this area. I'm thinking this would be in my , and others, best interest for several reasons yet one major factor is the idea of being around a different set of folks. Although I've got dear friends from my childhood and have developed some new ones as well in our area, I'm thinking that work and life elsewhere might have me thrown in with a different lot. The teaching gets tougher and tougher, most especially so by the conservative paperwork and bureaucracy, and the idea of practicing law again, especially in the grind of small town or small firm practice, holds little attraction. Doing policy or campaign or non-profit or ... work is where I'm looking.

Here's hoping for some comments from the local crowd. Peace ... or War!